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• Quality live streaming platform providing stable and secure distribution servers, without depending on social media channels.

• Optimised broadcast services for online events.

• Optional admission control or livestream paywall.

• Control every single aspect of your stream with our LIVESTREAMHOST platform.


Livestream Services


Independent from social media platforms

By using our own internet distribution platform, we do not have the usual restrictions that are common with social media to live stream.

Reliable video streams

Distribution servers are managed by us. That gives you complete control, from video encoding to livestream embedding, on any website.

High end equipment

We do not use computer software on laptops for video encoding, but dedicated hardware devices. This prevents synchronisation issues and dropped video frames. Critical functions can have backup connections on request.

Privacy guaranteed

Cloud servers are located in The Netherlands and Belgium. Data storage is in accordance with GDPR privacy rules of the European Union.


Webinar format is available with seperate windows for presentation and camera view, without the need to convert PowerPoint files in advance


Combine our livestreams with chat, Q&A, polling, quizzes and other hybride functions, to intergrate the online audience with the event visitors.

Payment options

Paid livestreams can be provided using payment methods common in Europe. No credit cards are needed, unless requested by you.

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